Beni – Interview & Exclusive Mix


Beni is a dude who doesn’t need an introduction but we’ll give you one anyway, an incredible DJ/producer with over a decade behind the controls, he has toured the world and melted faces all around this country more times than we can remember. An original member of Bang Gang arguably one of the countries most important crews of tastemakers, Beni’s tastes are extremely diverse and he has clearly influenced generations of DJs and punters to think outside the box. We’re stoked to have him putting together our August MoVement mix. We had a chat to Beni about his history in the scene, where Sydney is currently at and his plans for the future.

Q/ You play and obviously love so much different music from new rap to balls to the wall techno, classic disco records through to upfront house. Is there a style you love playing more than the other or does everything make sense together?

I’m happy playing two hours of rap or two hours of techno. i love playing everything if it all works well together, for me that’s the fun and originality of djing especially these days when it is so easy and accessible to pick up a USB stick.

Q/ Tell us about the mix, is it all new tunes? Some of your own production?

This is what i’m generally playing out at the moment, more on a house tip, i’ve left out all my new material as it’s getting released in the next few months.

Q/ For a dude who has been involved and witnessed some pretty incredible periods for dance music in this city it must be kinda sad to see where we’re at now with lockouts and venues closing down? What’s the next step? Do we keep pushing or do you think we will see more and more people leave the city?

It is really sad, the saddest thing is no one is actually doing anything about it. If this was NYC i swear there would be a city wide protest streets closed and a borderline riot. I say let’s riot!

Q/ For someone who has seen so many changes in the game is there a particular time that you felt was like the golden era of stuff happening in Sydney?

For me the early  2000 electro/bang gang scene was by far my golden era, so many acts from Australia being noticed and represented overseas etc,  it’s happening again now but i guess that was my golden era!

Q/ How important is it for kids to be able to party till whenever really? Places like spice and venues in the cross, oxford st, William st etc were a rights of passage for punters and now kids don’t even have the option to kick on. 

That’s the saddest thing thats kids don’t even have the option and any options they do have seem to be getting shut down all over the city, it really is 100% corrupt politicians.

Q/ Name three essential Sydney clubs from the last decade and why? How did these places influence you or the music you play, make and why were they so important to the fabric of this city?

That’s a hard one, i’d obviously have to say bang gang, 5 strong years that party was packed weekly, created a scene and blended so many scenes and cultures together

Mad Racket at Marrickville bowling club, because the best techno you probably got to hear in Sydney was at a bowling club with $3 beers.

Club Kooky – Sydney’s funnest iconic gay night somehow is still going now they just do them at shows like the vivid festival now, great music and the theatre aspect i love.

Q/ Know doubt you have seen some weird stuff go down at gigs, can you share with us anything worthy stories?

Mate, from people having sex on the dance floor, some dudes head being slammed in a car door in the cross, to people in tears because they loved the music so much (or lost their pingers) i’ve seen a lot and no doubt i can’t even remember the majority of the stuff i’ve seen.

Q/ You’ve travelled and toured around the world doing you, Do you have a favourite place to DJ and why?

Tokyo is always amazing, the crowds are so into the music and switched on you really feel like they are in it with you, but nothing could ever beat some bang gang parties we had in the past.

Q/ It’s no secret you love rap, is there plans to write music on this tip? Similar to how Brodinski has done his thing? Can you share with us your three favourite hip hop or rap related cuts?

OHHH, i am actually writing some stuff at the moment along those lines i also have a side project i’m working on that’s more on the cinematic r&b tip. They always change and just three is hard to do! but my most recently played rap tracks on my iTunes are…  honestly 30 would have been easier

Q/ What’s the strangest thing you have asked for in a rider?

Ha! Nothing that crazy, i never wanna seem like a brat but i do ask for a USB stick and some times i get them sometimes not.

Q/ What’s the plans for the year ahead?

I’ve got a new EP coming out on onelove in Sept followed by a new track every couple of months, we should be ready to tour that in Oct, i’m also working on this side project that’s more of an audio visual project, so pretty much both lots of studio and lots of touring later in the year

Q/ What and who are you currently listening to?

There a piano piece by keith Jarrett called tokyo encore from a concert he did in tokyo (obviously) in 1978 it’s one of the most beautiful things you will ever hear, I listen to that at least once a day and never get sick of it

This producer LUQUS from London i found on sound cloud is really dope, a french band called ‘juniore’ they make you feel like you’re living in a french speaking palm springs in the 70’s and these new drake cuts about meek mill are on high rotation!

Q/ Any other wise words of advice for people coming up? Should kids spend time producing or Djing? What do you see as more important nowadays?

Whatever you love do it, obviously you need to make records these days to have a career as a dj. I think you just have to make what you love and play what you love and that’s the best way to represent yourself