CATLIPS is a fresh faced producer coming up hard and fast from everyone’s favourite far away Australian city, Perth. Off the back of recent hit performances at Splendour in the Grass, Volumes and more, CATLIPS brings a refreshing energy, presence and sound to audiences. Stand out tracks like ‘Fade’ and ‘Kanimbla’ have an effortless yet complex composition that have intrigued ears all over the country, and have helped her momentum grow at an intense rate. She has also caught the attention of Boiler Room, who featured a live set of hers from Perth last year.

We recently caught up with Katie of CATLIPS, where we spoke about the Perth scene, the inspiration behind her work and what’s plans for the years ahead. She was also kind enough to create an exclusive mix, for your listening pleasure.

How do you find the Perth scene for an artist? Do you find it has been supportive of you coming through or that you’ve had to look elsewhere for that?

Perth is the most incredible city you could ask for when creating and performing music. There is an interesting, evolving and diverse scene and a strong sense of support amongst musicians. I have definitely found it to be extremely helpful for my music.

With your music currently getting a lot of momentum, the visual creative direction of your work has also been has also been called out as really fresh and original. How important is this component of your work to you and where do you draw inspiration from?

It’s important in the sense that I hate the sharp distinction between art mediums. I think art, music, photography, video etc all make so much sense to eachother and it’s stupid not to use them to enhance one an other. At the moment i am getting my inspiration from my friends music and also random artists on instagram.

Tell us about some of the equipment you like to work with to date

In my studio I have been smashing out on my roland alpha juno 1, i just love the tones. Also a 505 drum machine for some really basic cool disco drum samples.

Who and what are you currently listening to?

A lot of middle eastern music which has been a big influence on a lot of my recent productions. Also everything coming out on Love On the Rocks, a newish German record label.

What’s plans for the year ahead?

More and more music making with different people. Lots of projects. Buying more records. Travel.

Do you have any advice for producers looking to make a start and get their work out there?

Share your music with as many peers as possible and always listen to what they have to say about your tunes to get perspective, but don’t change something you feel strongly about just because of it.

CATLIPS will perform as part of MoVement Sydney, Thursday 22nd October. Featuring in the ‘FBI Dance Class Launch’ party happening at FBI Studios. Tickets are limited. Stay posted over the coming weeks for details on how you can secure your ticket: