DJ Junglesnake (SlowBlow) Interview & Exclusive Mix


This week we sat down with Parihaka aka DJ Jungle Snake one half of Sydney legends Slow Blow to talk about everything from throwing parties, the scene post lockout laws and who his favourite acts have been to tour.

Slow Blow are a name that goes hand in hand with forward thinking and legit parties in Sydney. Running a regular monthly party for four years at Sydney institution Goodgod Small Club, they have thrown endless memorable nights and toured some of the most amazing DJs to touch down in Australia. Slow Blow are to put simply tastemakers, with a understanding of both the roots of dance music and an eye on the future of where it’s headed.

Pari has put together an amazing mix for our monthly MoVement Mix Series, which you can check on our Mixcloud page and download exclusively here –MoVement April mix (DJ JungleSnake)

Q/ First up can you tell us a little bit about the mix? 

There is some very current music like the opening track which is a very nice and moody remix from Mario Basanov. To me new music doesn’t necessarily mean it has been released in the last year. For me the best new music is finding old stuff that i’ve never heard before, kinda like opening a treasure chest or vintage clothes when you’re shopping. Also I love finding the ones that slip through the cracks and matching music from different eras. The best music is timeless. To summarise this mix i’d call it, moody and euphoric building to a techno climax.

Q/ What is the process of recording a mix for you? Is it a one take live thing or something you spend a long time piecing together? 

Recording a mix for me has always been a process of just pressing record. I feel it creates more tension and experimentation. As you grow as a DJ and music collector you just get better at following the vibes as tracks feed off each other and build atmosphere. This mix was recorded live in 1 take, as my DJing has progressed recording a mix has gotten a lot smoother. There have been some that have taken quite a few attempts haha.

Q/ Where is SlowBlow at now?  You guys recently put on another party in your spiritual home at Goodgod small club. You ran an amazing party there for 4 years that brings a tear to most punters eyes when they think back to a time when lock out laws didn’t exist in Sydney. Will you guys be throwing more regular parties? 

SlowBlow here in Sydney has been warming dance floors for some great internationals of late and co promoting events with like minded people presenting our favourites in Dance. On other horizons we have held parties in both New York and London with George(the other half of SlowBlow) now northern hemisphere based. We will be doing more and more on that side of the globe, with some great stuff already in the pipeline. 

Q/ How different do you feel Sydney is post lockout laws? Is it just a matter of being more creative i.e where and when you put on a party? 

Its in our nature to evolve and adapt so dreams haven’t been completely crushed… yet. Sydney/Australia is one of the worlds worst nanny states and to run creative and forward thinking events takes a lot of persistence here. It’s such a great initiative from V to have created MoVement and i hope to see it really buck the trend that these harsh restrictions have created.

Q/ During the four years when Slow Blow was a regular monthly party you guys toured plenty of different internationals. Is there anyone in particular that stands out and why? Can be for a good or bad reason? 

Oooooo without a doubt it is Prosumer, i have done his last three Sydney shows and he was the first to sell out a SlowBlow party. 7 years as a resident at the infamous Panorama Bar and probably in the top 5 record collections travelling the globe, he is really that next level of DJ. For us the records have always been the main driving focus so having the guy who’s final record ever played at Panorama bar had people on their knees hailing him and crying, that sort of thing is right up our alley haha.

Q/ What is the next step for Slow blow? Production? Label? More parties?  

Right now I would say we are in the workshop developing plans for the future. More parties, production and ideas are flowing towards the ideal of having a global name, you’ll just have to stay tuned!

Q/ Do you have a favourite club/party to play and why? 

Club wise I can’t go past Goodgod! We were there from the beginning and have so much love for all the fun had in that place.

Shout outs to The House of Mince, Picnic, Spice and Sash for all holding it down and crushing through this last year of changes!!!!

Q/ MoVement recently worked together with Slow Blow and the House of Mince on A Guy Called Gerald’s Sydney leg of his new live show. How’s that Party? And how was it warming up for someone like Gerald?

AGCG just sounds like no other so when you do sound checking you’re like woah this is going to be nuts every time! Such a great act to warm up for and the crowds that come out to see him are always such a great bunch of open minded people to play too.

Q/ Do you have any favourite Australian DJs, producers or labels we should be checking for?

So much good stuff coming out of Aus these days its very impressive to many to name really but Tornado Wallace, Fantastic Man and Andy Hart are world class acts!

Q/ Last up any advice for younger crew starting out? What is the best way to be part of an industry or scene that you love? 

Do something you love and for the right reasons. Wherever the club scene is there is always something lacking so come with something fresh. You’ll evolve musically as a party but start where there is a gap!

Thanks Pari. Stay up to date with all things Slow Blow here.