Set Mo – Interview & Exclusive Mix


For the July MoVement monthly mix we sat down with the dudes from Set Mo, two talented Sydney bros who have been churning out some incredible upfront club music. When not locked into the studio working on a million and one projects they are melting faces DJing around the country and Europe. Hit play on their killer mix and read the full interview below.

Q/  First up what’s the vibe of the mix? New or older tunes, any unreleased gems, is this what punters can expect from a Set Mo DJ set?

This mix is full of tunes we’ve been playing out over the last couple of months so is pretty much exactly what you can expect from a Set Mo DJ set.

Q/ You’ve  been friends for a while, how did you link up and start writing music together? And how long did it take to start making stuff you were happy with?

We first met about five years ago playing a lot of the same parties around Sydney. It was around the same time we’d both started producing. It would have been about two years until we started getting happy enough to share the music we were making with others.

Q/ Who brings what to the table when your writing tunes together?

We write everything together. Stu normally drives as he’s quicker on the computer but we never do any writing without the other being there.

Q/ Your both killer DJs and have a deep understanding of how to build and shut down a room, i’m interested if there are any plans to start performing Set Mo material as live sets or do you want to keep Set Mo as strictly as DJ thing?

There is most definitely a plan to put together a live show. We’ve already started discussing ideas but we’re not going to debut the live thing until we’re really happy with it. We feel a lot of electronic acts are starting to move towards a live show which is great but unless it’s unique and interesting it’s kind of pointless.

Q/ What are your thoughts on the DJ vs live set debate?

We’ve been djing for about 7 years so we obviously love doing that. I feel it’s easy to be a good DJ but hard to be a great one. DJing is a craft we respect and when done well can be amazing. Live stuff is also great it’s just different, the live thing in the electronic world is still a relatively new thing in some ways. As technology is developing so quickly it’s cool to see people adapting and creating live shows that suit their music and talents.

Q/ You’ve just wrapped up a national tour, how’s that?

Amazing! Was so special to have people coming out and singing along to our songs. Can’t wait to do it again soon.

Q/ Name three tunes that have been staples in your sets on the tour?

Shout Away – Oliver $ & Chuck Daniels

Chunky – Format:B

White Dress ft Deutsch Duke  – Set Mo 😉

Q/ Weirdest thing you’ve ever seen at a gig?

A fake boob appearing in the booth at Chinese Laundry (not that kind of fake boob, it was like a skin coloured stress ball – with a nipple!)

Q/ What would you love to see more of in this city?

More restrictions on night life LOL not really – Would love to see more of the lockouts being abolished cause they’re killing our nightlight and electronic music scene.

Q/ Your signed to etcetc, alongside some serious young aussie talent. How’s the support of the label and do you feel like they have provided you guys with some solid opportunities to get your music to a bigger audience?

Yeah the label has been great. There’s a really good team there that has been working our latest single really hard. We’ve realised unless there’s people getting your music out there it doesn’t matter how good it is if no one hears it!

Q/ Any advice for upcoming producers trying to get to their music signed?

Labels are definitely less of a necessity than they were in the past. That being said if you can get signed to a label do it as it means they can do what they do best and you can focus on writing music. In terms of getting signed, it’s important to send your music to as many people as you can. Don’t be discouraged by people saying no. Just keep writing and eventually it will happen. One thing we’d recommend is work with people who want to work with you. It may sound straight forward but you want whoever you’re working with to be genuinely excited to work with you because if they believe in it they’re going invest in it properly.

Q/ Is there a dream collab?

We have a list! There’s so many amazing vocalists we’d love to work with but one person we’ve loved for years is a UK singer called Ali Love.

Q/ Do you guys have day jobs or is music the full time hustle?


Q/ Any upcoming or established producers/DJs you we should be checking for?

We love and him and Detroit Swindle who have been doing big things recently. On a local tip check out Jafunk and Funboys if you haven’t already.

Q/ Where to next for Set Mo?

Back into the studio to work on our tans.

Q/ lastly, any upcoming projects or gigs you want to plug?

Very much looking forward to Splendour in the Grass later this month, got a couple of special sets planned.

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