Sugar Mountain Artist Intel


Sugar Mountain is only three more sleeps away and we’re super excited to be apart of it this year. Unforgettable musical performances, weird and wonderful art exhibitions and their world famous Boiler Room broadcast are just some of the special features of the event, which consistently provide a unique festival experience. Leading up to the exciting day, we got in contact with a handful of the amazing artists playing at the 2017 edition, to quiz them on their most memorable Sugar Mountain moments and the acts they’re looking forward to seeing most this year. So without further ado…


Most Memorable Sugar Mountain Moment: Getting all bikram yoga sweaty at the Boiler Room stage. Also, Nas performing Illmatic of course!

Must See Act of 2017: We’re really excited to see Jessy Lanza play. We’ve had her music on steady rotation since we first heard Pull My Hair Back.


Most Memorable Sugar Mountain Moment: Playing our first ever show there in 2015. We had no idea anyone would show up that early, but the room was packed. We’ve got a lot of love for this festival.

Must See Act of 2017: The Belligerents – they’ve got so much energy on stage and are SERIAL COOKERS off it.


Most Memorable Sugar Mountain Moment: JNETT at Boiler Room this year. It’s no secret I love JNETT, she’s the heart and soul of the Melbourne DJ community. Watching her play this year was amazing, as she was surrounded by all of her peers supporting her and she effortlessly slayed it (even during technically problems). She’s the real deal and her set at SM will always be a stand out for me.

Must See Act of 2017: Sui Zhen – another amazing, talented woman. It’s not only her music but how she puts her live shows together. I just love that she has characters in her live sets and art. She’s one not to miss and I’ve said it before but she’s one of Australia’s most prized possessions.


Most Memorable Sugar Mountain Moment: Re-watching a friend swing and miss on a hi-five during Waxo’s set at the Boiler Room stage.

Must See Act of 2017: I’m most looking forward to Moses Sumney. I actually met him in NYC last year at a gig at Elvis Guesthouse. From memory a bunch of us went and got late night burgers or something after it. Anyway, I hadn’t actually heard of him before but looked him up the following day and found out he makes really nice music.


Most Memorable Sugar Mountain Moment: Ariel Pink playing Sugar Mountain in 2015 with our favourite Melbourne bass monster, Shags in tow. They always seem loose and kinda mad, a strange combination of sweet pop, creepiness and oddball a la the great Frank Zappa.

Must See Act of 2017: Suzanne Ciani is one of the all time original female electronic artists, making challenging electronic sounds since the early ’70’s. We’re super curious to see what she’ll do live in 2017 and hoping it’s more modular synth experiments than New Age.

Sui Zhen

Most Memorable Sugar Mountain Moment:

Each Sugar Mountain I have been involved in has been memorable. In the second year I performed in Fox + Sui and met renaissance man Rhys Mitchell. In 2012 I directed a series of lesser known awkward VHS interview films entitled ‘How to make a sugar mountain?’. ESG played that year and it brought tears to my eyes. (Happy tears).  I got the artists to interact with a range of sweets to design their own sugar mountain and it was very ASMR. Rhys helped out on that and we have been great pals since. Then, in 2015 I had the thrill of playing live with NO ZU. In 2017 it will be the first time Sui Zhen takes the SMF stage, and it feels momentous.

Must see Act of 2017:

Suzanne Ciani.

Don’t miss Sugar Mountain festival this Saturday 21st Jan. Final release tickets available here.